Box select or Lasso select: How to extract data


I have a timeseries data and I am looking to use Box select to extract data information. Let’s say I want to populate a table with the data inside Box select or find the difference between left vertical line vs right vertical line of the box select. How to do it?
I have read so many documentation but cannot find, how to store box select data in a list or array or data frame.

Information of Box select on Plotly community

Can someone show me an example how to pull out data using Box Select?

Hello @Akshay91,

You’d have to iterate through the information and parse out the data into a dictionary would probably be the easiest and then convert that to however you want to handle it.

Or, just turn the points of the select data into a dataframe.

df = pd.DataFrame(s[“points”])

Where s is the selectedData.

Sir. yes Sir!

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