Box Plot with nested X Axis

I was wondering if Plotly can start support for nested X /multiple X axis?
For instance if one is using standard “tip” data, adding a capability as implemented in (fivecents plot, JMP or Origin ) would be beneficial.

import as px

df =
%load_ext autoreload
%autoreload 2
%matplotlib inline
import fivecentplots as fcp
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import os, sys, pdb
osjoin = os.path.join
db = pdb.set_trace
fcp.boxplot(df=df, y=‘tip’, groups=[‘time’, ‘sex’, ‘day’], legend=‘smoker’)

would generate:

If this capability already exist - please add a comment.


Guys - Any idea on this one?

I too am looking for this specific functionality. many engineering companies need to see data with multiple levels of grouping (temperature, power, frequency, etc, etc)… all in one plot… jmp works okay but it prevents automated reports. we would like to switch to plotly but this functionality is keeping us from converting. we have tried passing in multiple xaxis values but we only get 2 levels deep. we need to know if more levels can be added. the only plot repo is five cent plots (original posters image). Here is another example plot of what is needed, if anyone knows how this can be done.

Guys - Any idea on this one? FCP (boxplot — fivecentplots beta documentation) does provide export to Bokeh but does not to PLOTLY