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Big Data plotply.js vs plotply.py


im really new in plotly. I didn’t really get the advantages from plotly.py in comparison to plotly.js, except for Data Scientist which are not so common with javaScript. Are they some performance advantages, since python performs better on big data?

Is there any disasvantage when i use plotly.js instead of plotly.py with huge Datasets?
I thought, that plotly.py rely on plotly.js so they musst anyway port it into the plotply.js, musn’t it?

Thanks for your Help,
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Good question!

Plotly.py is essentially a collection of Python tools for producing and manipulating Plotly.js-compatible JSON figure descriptions in Pythonic way and then passing those JSON objects to Plotly.js for display in a variety of ways, including via Dash. There is no disadvantage whatsoever in using Plotly.py for big data, and in fact doing so makes it easier to use big-data Python technologies such as Datashader or RAPIDS or Dask etc.

Plotly.py also comes with Plotly Express which is a higher-level API for producing plots in as little as a single Python statement directly from Pandas or GeoPandas DataFrames or numpy arrays or xarray objects, rather than having to manually build up figure JSONs from their component pieces :slight_smile: