Better colorscale for choropleth map

i am new to dash so sorry if it is a trivial questing, but i would like to set up a colorscale for a map that shows density in such a way, that it reflect more subtle changes…

here is my map of US covid and basically all is blue, and only NY is red…

what i would like to have is the map to reflect the scale somehow more precisely, so for instance the states that have 0 - 100k should be quite nicely distinuieshed from each other, not that all will be blue…

how do i do it?

here is my code for the map …

        # building a map
        fig_map = go.Figure(data=go.Choropleth(locations=qdf["state"],
                            title_text='Density by State', #TODO style to the center
                            height = 600,
                            geo = dict(
                                projection=go.layout.geo.Projection(type = 'albers usa'),
                                showlakes=True, # lakes
                                lakecolor='rgb(255, 255, 255)'))

I guess you could either plot a different measure, e.g. log(density), or divide the data in categories similar to this example,