Bad scaling on multiple charts

Hello dear Plotly developers,
I do not know which is the best way to configure this kind of plot:

As you can see, a part of the first and the latest chart, all the rest are compressed and you cannot see the content correclty.
I produced this inside a big shiny app with a lot of different figures. What you see is the online download from the http web page that look slightly better than this but with the same kind of issue.
The code which produces this is the following:

p <- ggplot(ggdf, aes(x = expression, color = sample_id, group = sample_id)) +
    geom_freqpoly(stat = "density") + 
    facet_wrap(~ antigen, scales = "free", ncol = colonne, nrow = righe) +
    scale_color_manual(values = sample_color)
  p <- ggplotly(p = p, originalData = FALSE)

Which is the best to produce a corrected scaling for multiple chart if you have multiple scales?
All my best and thank you