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"bad request method: use POST for streaming"

After connecting and sending the streaming header, I receive “All Streams Go!” with the the url address of the plot.

However, when I go to that url after posting some data,

that webpage always shows:
“bad request method: use POST for streaming”

Is that an issue with how my data is formatted, or did I mess up the initialization:
POST /clientresp HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: MSP430F5529/0.5.1
Content-Length: 252

version=2.2&origin=plot&platform=Stellaris&un=username12&key=1234567890&args=[{“y”: [], “x”: [], “type”: “scatter”, “stream”: {“token”: “t9hm0ath3s”, “maxpoints”: 500}}]&kwargs={“fileopt”: “overwrite”, “filename”: “test plot”, “world_readable”: true}