Background (running=[]) callback breaks with OpenAI query

I have a callback which looks something like this.

When I comment out the background= and running= lines, the callback works and outputs as expected.

When I have the background= and running= lines activated, the callback does not go past the OpenAI query line, and the button is no longer disabled (indicating that the callback has finished).

I do have other background callbacks working in the same app.

import dash
from dash.dependencies import Input, Output, State
import openai

    Output('data-store', 'data'),
    State('textfield1', 'value'),
    State('textfield2, 'value'),
    Input('button', 'n_clicks'),
    running=[ # Format: Output, While running, When complete
        (Output('button', 'disabled'), True, False),
def generate_output(text1, text2, n_clicks):
    if n_clicks is not None:
        output = {"text1": text1, "text2": text2}
        model = "text-davinci-003"
        prompt = "xxx"
        print("generating a response")
        response = openai.Completion.create(engine=model, prompt=prompt, max_tokens=2000)
        print("response generated")
        return response
    return no_update

The background callback manager is:

cache = diskcache.Cache("./cache")
background_callback_manager = DiskcacheManager(cache)

Hi @faulty13
Are you able to share a minimal reproducible example?