Axis on Second Figure not updating from callback

Hi all, excuse me in advance if I am missing something obvious!

I am trying to update the min and max dates axis on the top of the with the min and max date associated with the dots box selected from the bottom graph. (The positions are uploaded from the page)

I have tried to create a minimal working example here:

A few errors occur:

  1. “A nonexistent object was used in an ‘Input’ of a …” as well as same error for ‘Output’. I previously had it only for ‘Output’ and it seemed to work fine i.e. I ignored the message based on another question raised in this forum.
  2. Callback errors updating the figure
  3. But also of course the original error of the graph axis on the top graph not updating after a selection from the bottom chart (see second image below).

Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi @SirQuantAlot,

I wouldn’t just ignore errors. Try to change your code until no error messages are present.

Concerning the axis: try reducing your code to the minimum, this might encourage people to help you with debugging.

Thanks for your response. Yea difficult to reduce the complexity because there are 3 interactive pieces on 2 pages. Will try and let you know how it goes!

Thanks to your advice - I recognized and resolved the problems, taking a step back and doing it simpler!

  1. Originally I had an interactive table that sent a callback when a new row was added but not populated yet, causing issues in other calls expecting data so a simple check on data helped with that before proceeding in the subsequent call.
  2. I was trying to deal with 2 separate dataframes in a single callback and filter them. This became pretty complicated as all the dataframes needed to pass through so I kept it simple and had a larger single dataframe from which easier to maintain and cross-select from using the example shown in the official example under “Generic Crossfilter Recipe”*MTY5NTI1Njc3My43LjEuMTY5NTI1Njk1OC4zNS4wLjA.#generic-crossfilter-recipe