Avoid refreshing background image when updating figure

I’m using Dash to plot a networkx graph and use it to model a small map, so I’m using a layout image under the figure to represent said map, like this:

I’m then using an interval component to update this figure every half a second to move a little icon over the graph to represent people moving over it. This however starts lagging and causing issues when the image is behind the graph. I suspect this is because every update is redrawing the whole image behind the figure.
I’m using plotly.graph_objects.update to change data in my figure. Is there any way to avoid refreshing the image and keep the performance smooth while updating?

hi @merlo
Sorry for the late reply, but I just found out that it is not possible to avoid refreshing the image.

hi @adamschroeder
thanks for the reply!
Is there any other way I could mimic this behavior? I can obviously place an html.Img under the graph but getting the position right is a bit sketchy, and it isn’t guaranteed to always be aligned with different screen sizes. Any ideas on how I could keep it consistent while using html.Img?