Autoplay of animations in plotly.graph_objects

Hi community!

I’m looking for a way to disable the autoplay feature of plotly graphs created via pythons plotly.graph_objects.
Currently, the default behavior is to autoplay an animation on refresh if there the frames list in the figure is not empty.

I found the following pull requests, but I’m not sure how they are related to graph_objects, I also couldn’t find anything in the documentation.


Hi there, had this issue recently. Found your question, and thanks to the pull requests you attached I was able to find the solution.
Plotly offline has the option to set auto_play on or off.
You can build the figure with plotly.graph_objects, and then use the plot function in plotly.offline to create a new figure (html file).

This is my example:

Created figB with go.Figure()

Then used plot function like this:

plotly.offline.plot(figB, auto_play = False)

This creates a html file in your directory with the figure where autoplay is off.

Help this is useful to yourself or anyone facing this same issue.