Automatically open data files with Dash-app

I created a Dash app to interactively visualize data from a .json file. Using the upload component, the .json files can be uploaded from the browser. Everything works fine so far.

Ideally, however, I would like to open .json files with the Dash app per default, as if it was a desktop application. To achieve this goal, I could also modify the JSON-data (e.g. embed it into a .html-file).

Is it possible to start a new Dash session and post data to it using this approach? Or is it possible to append data to a running session? Any hint for a viable strategy is appreciated.

Since Dash is built upon Flask, flask is not able to locate the URI for the text file that is generated. The solution is to add the flask.

Did you mean to access the file from the application?
As far as I know, the browser does not have access to the local client-side files for security reasons. In my case, neither does the server. I therefore intended to pass the data to the browser in a .html-file and then add it to the Dash session, which should avoid problems with the security measures. Is this possible and if so how?