Automatic Interactions when a key is pressed

Is there a way to capture which key was pressed by a user of a Dash App ?

Let’s say I have a dropdown at the top of the page, with 20 values. Below, 10 figures and 10 callbacks which all depend of this first dropdown, at some point.

Question is : if a reader press “E” on his keyboard, is there a way for Dash to understand that the reader wants to chose the value starting with “E” in the dropdown at the top of the page ? Without him clicking on the dropdown. I noticed that I can jump from one dropdown to another one pressing Tab, but if there are a lot of elements on the webpage then i need to press like…15x the Tab key to reach the right dropdown.

It could make everything much more convenient; Going at the top or at the bottom of the page to pick a value in a list of 20 items can be sometimes annoying. Ideally, i would like to press “E”, from anywhere, and then get everything refreshed as if I had picked to value starting with “E”. And if this could happen even when I’m toggling a legend on the 4th figure, this would be great.

Is there a way to do this?