Authentication with Django-Dash duo

Q: How secure is Dash authentication in non-Enterprise edition?

I do not ask about how to securely store passwords but how secure website is in itself (in relation to other methods), assuming password are save.

Some background:

I want to make my Dash app ( to be part of website build on Django.

I play with django-plotly-dash. For me, inexperienced coder, it is a challenge. I hoped that as I do not need live updates I can go without channels/redis/daphne+ part but noticed those a needed for some dcc elements to work (ie. sliders). Setting this up with d-p-d takes time plus there is setup for deployment part…
Plenty opportunities to make mistakes.

What if I handle authentication in Django and put Dash app on separate server which will get POST requests from Django for logging (or by establishing ssh connection - if I can figure this out)? Or ie. Dash app will reach to Dj database for each user logging in directly from Dash app.

Thus my question: how secure is stand-alone Dash app.

Of course I take any advice what would be the best / most optimal approach this task.