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AttributeError: 'FrozenImporter' object has no attribute 'filename' error on executing exe


I have created an exe of my dash application using Pyinstaller. When I try to execute the exe, I get the following error.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “dasheditrowcopy.py”, line 126, in
File “site-packages\dash\dash.py”, line 1901, in run_server
File “site-packages\dash\dash.py”, line 1712, in enable_dev_tools
File “site-packages\dash\dash.py”, line 1709, in
AttributeError: ‘FrozenImporter’ object has no attribute ‘filename’
[19320] Failed to execute script dasheditrowcopy

It happens when dev_tools_hot_reload=True

Also, the dash packages do not copied automatically while creating the exe using Pyinstaller and I have to do it manually. Can someone please help with this

hi,have your problem be solved? the same problem with you