Assigning coroutine to app.layout

I have an app that needs to do some work (read from a database etc.) on page load. I saw that it is possible to do this by assigning a function to app.layout (see

Now, my problem is that I don’t have a vanilla function for reading from a DB, I have a coroutine:

import db_util
import dash_table

async def render_layout():
    data = await db_util.get_config_data()
    return dash_table.DataTable(id="my-data-table", columns=..., data=data)

app.layout = render_layout

Problem is, when I do this I get

TypeError: argument of type ‘coroutine’ is not iterable

Unfortunately, I cannot change db_util, as it’s not my own code. Is there a plan to support coroutines for app.layout? Or does anyone see a way around this that I might not have thought about, yet?