Append multiple y axis data in plotly JS

I want to draw a multiline chart with a dataSet(multiple lists append in 1 list) where I know which one I will as X-axis and Y-axis.

let dataSet = [[1, 2, 3, 4], [10, 15, 13, 17], [16, 5, 11, 9]];
X-axis = dataSet[0]  
The remaining will be used as Y-axis*/

he example is taken from here. Where I have seen for plotting each line(here 2 times) variable is calling to set the data. In my case, Y-axis will appear near about 30 times and for each X-axis value will be the same. But I haven’t found a dynamic solution where I can append the Y-axis value using a for loop or something like that. That means I want to call this data variable only 1 time and want to append all information of multi-chart there at instant.

I have added my approach here.

So, I want to know is there any approach by following which I can add multiple time any axis within a single variable(here trace1 ).