App versioning and "patch notes"?

Does anyone have examples of apps that implement some sort of “update/patch notes” type functionality?

For example, one week a user may be using the app, then the developer pushes updates, and the next week a user can be notified with a pop-up of all the new things that have been added/changed/fixed/etc that they can either expand to get more detail, or close to go back to using the app. The first thing that comes to mind is a modal whose component id may change between server updates, with some kind of persistence based on whether or not the user has closed it out. Not sure if that’s a good way of going about it, though.

I realize this may be more of a generic web design/development question, but would be very interested to see if/how anyone may have accomplished this with existing dash components and related packages (or if there are any general good ideas on doing this sort of thing).

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Oh so sorry but i am not sure about that… Thanks !!