API not working with juptyer notebooks + Anaconda

I activate my anaconda2 enviroment and I successfully run a pip install of plotly, then run jupyter notebooks. Following the getting started page…

Then i run the following code (with my user name and API key)…

import plotly 
plotly.tools.set_credentials_file(username='DemoAccount', api_key='lr1c37zw81')

It successfuly runs, but when i try to do any sort of plotly command i get an error…

PlotlyRequestError: This file cannot be saved as private; your current Plotly account has filled its quota of private files. 

You can still save unlimited public files on Plotly, or you can upgrade your account to save more private files.

UPGRADE HERE: https://goo.gl/LA0Xzr 

To make a file public in the API, set the optional argument 'world_readable' to True.

Thanks for using Plotly! Happy plotting!

it previously raised an error about my crediatial file not matching the online key, the keys do match though i dont seem to be getting that error anymore. (below is a what my credential file looks like but with the username and key changed)

    "username": "username", 
    "stream_ids": [], 
    "api_key": "lksjfl;ksdjfll;dsj", 
    "proxy_username": "", 
    "proxy_password": ""

This is a very frustrating problem as i have spent alot of time troubleshooting this, and i just want to get it working and move on. Any help is greatly appreciated.