Animation resets 'update_traces' settings

Consider the following code:

fig_bar =, x='State', y=cat1, color='Platform', animation_frame='Date', animation_group='State', barmode='group', range_y=rangey[cat1][0], color_discrete_map=color_map, text=cat1)
fig_bar.update_layout(xaxis={'categoryorder': 'total descending'}, uniformtext_minsize=8, uniformtext_mode='hide')
fig_bar.update_traces(texttemplate='%{text:.3s}', textposition='outside', showlegend=False)

With this code I create a barplot also enabling animation by ‘Date’, and then, among other things, set some styling options, including textposition='outside and showlegend=False.
When first loaded, the plot looks as it is supposed to:

However, when I try to launch animation, or simply click on any other point in the date range, I get this:

I’ve noticed a few other unpleasant things, but those I can live with. Is there any way to fix the issues described above?