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Animated map not showing countries with NA values

I have map time-series data, some countries don’t have data and plotly does not plot them at all. I can have them outlined and they look different but it appears nowhere that the data is missing there (i.e. I want a legend entry). How can I achieve this? Here is a reprex:


data = read.csv('')

l <- list(color = toRGB("grey"), width = 0.5)

g <- list(
  scope = 'world',
  countrycolor = toRGB('grey'),
  showframe = T,
  showcoastlines = TRUE,
  projection = list(type = 'natural earth')

map.time = data %>%
  plot_geo() %>% 
  add_trace(z = ~Confirmed, color = ~Confirmed, frame = ~Date, colors = 'Blues',
            text = ~Country, locations = ~Alpha.3.code, marker = list(line = l)) %>% 
  colorbar(title = 'Confirmed') %>%
    title = 'Number of confirmed cases over time',
    geo = g
  ) %>% 
  animation_opts(redraw = F) %>%
    currentvalue = list(
      prefix = paste0("Days from ",
                      format(StartDate, "%B %dnd"),": "))) %>%


I hope you can help!

Hello can anyone help?