Analyzing Memory Footprint of a Dash App

I noticed that the Memory Footprint is very high for a Dash app that I am currently developing (often 1-2 GB!).
The app uses a dcc.Dropdown component to run a simple SQL query and render some tables and charts.
Other dash apps that I’ve written are usually in the 100-300 MB range.
I’m having quite a bit of difficutly in tracking down and analyzing what exactly is resulting in such a high memory footprint (high enough that iOS Safari refuses to load the app).
Does anyone have any experience with Chrome’s Developer Tools and could advise on how to use it to see which react component might be contributing to this?

I’d like to know about this as well. I built a dashboard that works fine on Azure when it is first loaded, but over time, I see that RAM usage is constantly near 100% and performance is slow. Any sugestions?

I have a similar problem. I extract data from sqlite db, use a dash_table and a spacy model in the background. When I put the app on Heroku the compression indicates less than 200 MB but then it jumps to 500 MB and more when the app starts (R14 error). And this is only with 1 worker (default is 3 and I have more than 1000 MB in that case). I did like to know more about this as well

This is super important. It even feels as if there was some memory leakage. I do not understand why it uses so much memory…

I’m having the same problem but my Dash app memory footprint is much bigger - around 21GB after 3 days running. It started with only around 600MB memory usage.

Has any one figured out what the problem is?