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Am I using `` correct

Regarding the graph_objs library, I feel that I’m not understanding the help messages that are provided. For example, the message below, how are these supposed to be read? I still don’t know the type of values that I can use for showlegend, which I presume would be true | false, but even that isn’t put there.


Current path: []
Current parent object_names: []

With the current parents, 'showlegend' can be used as follows:

Under ('figure', 'data', 'heatmap'):

    description: Determines whether or not an item corresponding to this trace is shown in
        the legend.
    editType: style
    role: info

Hi @mbkupfer,

Prior to version 3, the help information and property validation only took into consideration the names of the properties that are allowed, not the types or values.

This is something that we improved a lot in version 3. In version 3 you can look up properties using tab completion and every property has both the help information and type information in the standard Python docstring.

Tab completion

Docstring (Shift+Tab)


Hope that helps!

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Oh wow that’s goot to know. Didn’t realize I wasn’t on the latest and greatest release. Thanks for the info @jmmease