Adjusting legend scrolling sensitivity when there are many series


I am working on making an interactive analysis tool with Jupyter and Plotly. In some cases, I need to plot 100 series in one plot which makes a lot of entries in the legend. However, I find that scrolling through those entries (tried with three different mouses) causes the series shown to jump almost halfway making it impossible to select/deselect certain entries.

I wonder if there is a way to change the sensitivy of this scrolling or at least make the scrollbar in the legend selectable with mouse?

Some might tell me to find a different way to represent 100 data points… And I have. But the main purpose of this particular plot is to quickly review certain series for outliers and such. Meaning that selecting particular data points quickly is important.

Ultimately, interactivity of Plotly is the reason I chose to go with it for this project and I’m sure it was the right call!