Adding slider to County level choropleth in python

I can use a slider to show monthly data on a USA-states map. Now if I want to create a county level map for a given state (or a group of states), it is not clear now to add a slider that changes the data on the county map.

For state map, i can do the following (following example at:

fig = dict(data=data_slider, layout=layout)

where data_slider is a list:
[dict( type=‘choropleth’, locations=…, z=…, …), dict( type=‘choropleth’, locations=…, z=…, …), …]

I do not see something equivalent when creating a county map (for a given state) as follows:
import plotly.figure_factory as ff
fig = ff.create_choropleth(fips=…, values=…, scope=…)

Example for creating county maps:

ff.create_choropleth fips does not take a list of datasets, I can only pass one months data values to color the counties. Also in my case the list of counties (fips values) changes month to month. For each month I have a set of counties (fips) and their corresponding values (to color the counties).

Any ideas if this possible?