Adding (informational/text) data on the x axis

Hello everyone,

Hope you are doing well, and thanks a lot for reading my message.

I am working on an invoice checking project. (Reading pdf invoices with python and outputing the results in excel file for further processing).

For fun I wanted to try plotly, basically, I have stored all data in a panda dataframe with the following headers:
InvoiceNum, invoiceDate, invoiceCost, circuitName, circuitCost, ItemName, ItemCost
(An invoice can have several circuits, each circuits can have several items).

My goal was to display each invoice as a bar, each circuit has its own color, and each line in the vertical bar is an item.
My plot code is more or less this:
fig =, x=“invoiceDate” , y=“circuitCost”, color= “circuitName”, hover_data={blabla})
And graphicaly I get this:

I got 2 problems here:

  1. On the x-axis, I would like to have the exact invoice date under each bar (not a general timeline like I have now) + I would also like to display (along with the date): the invoiceName. I tried several options but didnt manage to get these 2 informations under each bar (Invoicedate + invoiceName) on the x-axis without changing the graph or breaking everything…

  2. Each small line in a bar is an item, however all items have the same height (some items are 20$, some 8000$), any idea to modify the heights of these small lines (items)?

Thanks a lot in advance for the help.