Adding datetime (%H%M%S) as rangeSlider but result is an empty slider

I want to create a rangeslider with string date. But somehow the rangeslider is empty:

        dcc.RangeSlider(datetime.strptime(df['time'].min(), '%H:%M:%S').time(),
                        datetime.strptime(df['time'].max(), '%H:%M:%S').time(),
                        datetime.strptime('00:00:01', '%H:%M:%S').time(),
                        value=[datetime.strptime(df['time'].min(), '%H:%M:%S').time(),
                               datetime.strptime(df['time'].max(), '%H:%M:%S').time()],
                        marks={time_stamp: datetime.strptime(time_stamp, '%H:%M:%S').time() for time_stamp in
    ], style={'width': '49%'})

The time is in string (For example, ), so I converted it into datetime. But it still did not work.

min (number; optional): Minimum allowed value of the slider.

Obviously, this property does not accept types other than number.

Alternatively, you may consider using timestamp as an alternative.