Adding buttons from the client side and tracking their clicks using dash-callback

Hi, I’m using dash-tabulator.
I need to add a column with buttons. I did it like this:

window.myNamespace = Object.assign({}, window.myNamespace, {
    tabulator: {
        printCheckbox: function (cell, formatterParams, onRendered) {

            return "<button id='assign-task-cell'>set</button>";

But when adding html elements in this way, I can’t track their changes using the dash callback. As far as I understand it should be a react element.
Since I can have any number of buttons, I want to handle clicks using pattern-matching-callbacks
So, I want to find out if it is possible to add an element of the following type using javascript and register its changes using the dash callback

            'type': 'cell-button',

If someone can suggest a completely different solution, I will be happy to listen.