Adding best fit line (linear regression line) in a scatter plot

I have been using Plotly lately for its great interactive features. I am wondering if I can generate a correlation scatter plot with best line fit, as I used to do in seaborn, using regplot() method (just like the following figure)?

I checked the attributes of go.Scatter() object in the API libraries, but I could not find it

What would be a simple way to add the best line fit? Any idea?

Thanks a lot!

Here is an example of plotting the linear fit.
If you want a plot similar to that generated by seaborn.regplot, simply define:

rg=sns.regplot(your data)

and extract from rg the regression line data and the Path(s) bounding the confidence interval band, to plot them via Plotly:

X=rg.get_lines()[0].get_xdata()# x-coordinate of points along the regression line
Y=rg.get_lines()[0].get_ydata()# y-coordinate
P=rg.get_children()[1].get_paths()#The list of Path(s) bounding the shape of 95% confidence interval-transparent

Define two traces of type scatter: one for your data points and the second for the regression line, defined by X and Y.
To get the transparent confidence interval band along the regression line, extract the path describing the boundary of that band as follows:

p_codes={1:'M', 2: 'L', 79: 'Z'}#dict to get the Plotly codes for commands to define the svg path
for s in P[0].iter_segments():
    xx, yy=s[0]
    path+=c+str('{:.5f}'.format(xx))+' '+str('{:.5f}'.format(yy))

             line=dict(width=0.1,color='rgba(68, 122, 219, 0.25)' ),
             fillcolor='rgba(68, 122, 219, 0.25)')]   

The resulting figure looks like this one:


Thanks this was helpful!