Adding an image to the center of a polar chart in plotly R

I’d like to add an image to the center of a polar chart. This seems straightforward, however it seems the image is always added in a cartesian coordinate system which makes it difficult to align it correctly. More importantly, when zooming/resizing, the two coordinate systems seem to behave in a slightly different way and the position of the image becomes incorrect.

A very basic example of what does work as long as you don’t zoom or resize:


fig <- plot_ly(
  type = 'scatterpolar',
  r = c(0,1,2,2),
  theta = c(0,45,90,0),
  mode = 'markers'

fig |>  layout(
  images = list(
      source = "",
      xref = "x",
      yref = "y",
      x = 0.2,
      y = 3,
      sizex = 2,
      sizey = 2,
      sizing = "stretch",
      opacity = 1,
      layer = "above"

What I’d like to get to work is this: Posit Connect. This plot looks fine when viewed in full screen, however when zooming the image moves away from the center.

Is there a way to fix this?