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Adding an horizontal line to each trace

I have rephrased my post, plus adding lines of codes:

Assuming a graph with 4 lines, coded using the feature traces.append(), I would like to know if it is possible to add a shape on the y axis, a straight horizontal line, but for each of the four lines.

Basically, It would be a straight line on the “trace” part, not on the layout.

What I am looking to do it’s plotting the minimum of each line. So I would end up having 8 lines, 4 with my time series, and 4 horizontal lines with the minimum of each of the time series.

@ruhkog Please put an image of a manual plot to understand better what are you talking about, because
from your above presentation it’s not clear what do you mean by horizontal line for each four lines. Then we could suggest how to define the horizontal lines.

I changed my way of approaching the problem. I am just adding a line on the trace.append() part, and using legendgroup to make sure it stays synchronized with my main line.