Add ticks and title on color scale - plotly scattermapbox

I’d like to add a title and labels to ticks in color scale. Here’s what the map and color scale looks like.

My code below:


                        "type": "scattermapbox",
                        "lat": df['Lat'],
                        "lon": df['Long'],
                        "name": "Location",
                        "showlegend": False,
                        "hoverinfo": "text",
                        "mode": "markers",
                        "marker": {
                            "autocolorscale": False,
                            "symbol": "circle",
                            "size": 9,
                            "opacity": 0.8,
                            "color": df['yhat'],
                            "colorscale": "blues"

How do I add tick labels and title to the color scale?
Documentation: Single-Page Reference | Python | Plotly