Add text under plotly indicator

I have a simple figure whose only trace is a go.Indicator object. I always have problems formatting this type of traces since they tend to take up about all available space if you let them.

This time, I am trying to add a line of text under the indicator number+delta. I have tried using the layout title this way:

import plotly.graph_objects as go

fig = go.Figure(go.Indicator(
        'text': 'Plazo m谩ximo provisi贸n cuentas<br><sub>Porcentaje de alta/reactivaci贸n de una cuenta en plazo</sub>', 
        'font': {'size': 17}
        'font': {'size': 40},
        'suffix': '%'
    delta = {
        'reference': 99,
        'relative': True
    domain={'row': 0, 'column': 0}
        'text': 'Han pasado {} d铆as desde la 煤ltima depuraci贸n'.format(6),
        'y': 0.37,
        'x': 0.5,
        'font': {'size': 17}
    #margin={'b': 70},

Doing this it kinda works. However, if the layout height changes, the title will lose its place since I have to adjust the title y value according to the height. Since the indicator fills all the space of the figure, the layout title won鈥檛 appear just under it. What would be a way to fix the layout title just under the indicator, no matter its height or size, just as the indicator title is placed?

Is there a way to tell the indicator not to expand over all the available space, and use only the necessary height/width to represent itself?