Add Edge/border sequential color in bar chart

I am not able to figure out how to add border/edge colors on bars in bar chart. The colors should be in sequential order like palette.

Here is the plot for which over which I want edge colors.

@adamschroeder @empet ?


marker_line=dict(width=2, color=β€˜black’):

fig=go.Figure(go.Bar(x=[2,4,6], y=['A', 'B', 'C'],  orientation='h', marker_color='#7AC5CD', 
             marker_line=dict(width=2, color='black')))
fig.update_layout(height=300, width=600)
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Can I use sequential color here?

Will this make border line in all four direction (left/right/top/bottom) or just (top/left/right) as I need the latter one?


Just check it!! :smile: