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Add divider to the dashboard

I"m adding a dropdown below the slider and the marks are covered by the dropdown. I want to lower the dropdown a bit more to show the marks of slider, but I can’t find an empty component to insert between slider and dropdown. The only thing that I can do is adding the dcc.markdown, but it needs some text which does not work with empty string.

Is there any divider to ensure no component covers any other components.


How about html.Br() ?

No, it does not work with html.Br()

Weird, it works for me in my project.
Do you have a minimal example code?

Yes, it works now. Thanks,
I put Br() in the wrong place :slight_smile:

I recommend adding a CSS class for sliders with marks as place for them is not ensured. Or just hardcode style={'padding-bottom': '1em'} into dcc.Slider.

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