Access dcc.Store without a callback

For my multi-tab application, I am working on a snapshot / PDF print feature of a App view.

In the file that generates the PDF, I’d like to access components store in dcc.Store from other files.

app.layout = html.Div([

    # header

        # Store component for
        dcc.Store(id="store1", storage_type="local"),

        # Store component for
        dcc.Store(id="store2", storage_type="local"),



The pdf generate file returns pdf layout/design, I’d like to access components from dcc.Store, something like below.

def report(store1, store2):

    return html.Div(

                    html.H2("Effective Lease Calculations"),

                    # Access dcc.Store component
                    print_value = store1['val']

                            'marginTop': '2in',
                            'fontSize': '28px'


My question is, can you access dcc.Store components store locally without using State("store1", "data")in callback?

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