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A question on .css

Hi - I have an extremely broad question regarding css that I was hoping someone may be able to assist me with. Almost 2 years ago I created a dashboard to view news article sentiment from the 2016 election. I recently loaded the dashboard ( and realized that it is no longer rendering correctly. I believe that this is because the .css that I had created is no longer valid. The code for my app is here: and the .css I used is hosted here:

I originally developed this using the dashUI library hosted here It appears to not have been updated in sometime and the .css that I copied from there also shows ‘Pen Not Found’ when loading ( I am very unfamiliar with css but am hoping there is something simple that can be fixed here. Any ideas?

Unfortunately it just looks like the CSS file has been taken down, so unless you have a copy somewhere, you’ll have to ask the author for the file.

For some reason I think codepen broke the link for the css file. In the past you could append .css to the url and it would provide the processed css file. In any event, I exported the file and moved it to github pages and everything is working again. Thanks for the response!