A problem with a graph with multiple axis

Hey guys, new here to this forum
I have a task of making a graph with 3 axis - but not a 3D one.
One axis for X, one axis for Y and another color chart for temperature. This is supposed to be a bar chart, that has different color for every temperature.
Also, I would like the input to be Lists of data.

An example:

But of course, I need different parameters and data.
The code I found for the example is this:
import plotly.express as px
data = px.data.gapminder()

data_canada = data[data.country == ‘Canada’]
fig = px.bar(data_canada, x=‘year’, y=‘pop’,
hover_data=[‘lifeExp’, ‘gdpPercap’], color=‘lifeExp’,
labels={‘pop’:‘population of Canada’}, height=400)

which I don’t know how to match for my lists of data.

Thanks in advance,