A nonexistent object was used in an `Output` of a Dash callback.?

Hi guys, getting the following error and not sure why:

A nonexistent object was used in an Output of a Dash callback. The id of this object is sidebar_container and the property is `children.

Currently building a multipage app with 4 pages. The last page, contains a callback that contains 'sidebar_container:

    Output("sidebar_container", "children"),
    Output("status_main_section", "children"),
    Output('summary_map_unit_clicked_value', 'clear_data'),
    Output('status_unit_clicked', 'data'),
    Input({'type': 'list-group-item', 'index': ALL},'n_clicks'),
    Input("jobsite-dropdown", "value"),
    State('summary_map_unit_clicked_value', 'data')
    # State("list-group", "children"),

def refresh(n_clicks_list, job_site, summary_map_unit_clicked):

    data_processor = get_data_processor()
return _build_sidebar(job_site, unitname), _build_main_section(job_site, unitname), True, unitname

The layout for this page is

layout = html.Div(

    [ dbc.Row(  
                dbc.Col(html.Div(id="sidebar_container"), width=3),
                dbc.Col(html.Div(id="status_main_section"), width=9),

This last page doesnt throw this error, but all other pages do. Not sure why the other pages care about this sidebar_container. All pages share a job-site dropdown which gets built dynamically, and i can only presume that this is triggering the callback on the last page even if im not on it.

Any ideas?

Bit more investigation shows the error always happens when returning the jobsite_dropdown_html:

Callback that refreshes the site when a data update is trigger

Output(“jobsite_dropdown_container”, “children”),
Output(“last_data_refresh_container”, “children”),
Output(“data_updated_flag”, “data”),
Input(‘last_data_refresh_store’, ‘data’),
Input(‘data_refresh_interval’, ‘n_intervals’),
Input(‘dp-toggle-switch’, ‘value’))
def render_sub_menu_content(data_refresh_n_clicks:int, n_intervals:int, toggle_value ):

# callback flag to indicate if data was updated
data_updated = False

# Get button id if a button was clicked
trigger_id = None

ctx = dash.callback_context
if ctx.triggered:

    trigger_id = ctx.triggered[0]['prop_id'].split('.')[0]

data_processor_type = str(os.getenv('DATA_PROCESSOR'))

# Refresh data if data refresh button was clicked or refresh interval triggered
if trigger_id in ['last_data_refresh_store', 'data_refresh_interval', 'dp-toggle-switch']:

    if toggle_value == True:
        data_processor_type = strings.FIRSTORE_PROCESSOR

        data_processor_type = strings.FTP_PROCESSOR


    data_updated  = True

data_processor = get_data_processor()
last_data_refresh_html = build_last_data_refresh(data_processor.last_data_refresh)
jobsite_dropwdown_html = build_jobsite_dropdown()

return jobsite_dropwdown_html, last_data_refresh_html, data_updated

No idea whay it throws the following error after the return statement: “A nonexistent object was used in an Output of a Dash callback. The id of this object is sidebar_container' and the property is children`”