3DScatter Animation using existing Figures?

Problem definition:

I would like to update a figure with frames filled with other figures. The only problem is that my main figure contains about 10 traces… and updating each of the traces is very costly (i think).
At the moment each trace contains data for a 3D polygon that is flat shaded.

The question:

Is there a way to plot grouped XYZ data onto the Scatter3d plot so that way it can all get updated in one go rather than multiple traces. I was hoping to just be able to input a new Figure in each Frame and have it update that way … but that was totally wrong.

I have also tried using the mesh 3D thinking I could just update the vertices values as the edge index would stay the same… but then I won’t have the outline around the edge of the plane :expressionless:

I would Appreciate any help with this! Even if it’s just throwing the right manual at me.

Thank you in advance.


This has been resolved but I cannot seem to close the topic
or modify it :expressionless: