3d surface plot

Does plotly support X/Y/Z format of plotting 3d surface? This option is available under “Data Shape”, but when clicking it, I can only make heatmap plot instead of 3d surface. This does not seem to be what it supposes to do, right?

Thanks for your help!

Hi there,

Click “x / y / z” triplets on the left - see this screenshot:

Hi jack,

Thanks for your quick reply! Can I use the X/Y/Z data format for 3d surface plot? As you can see, when clicking on “X/Y/Z triplets”, the figure type is no longer 3d surface, but heatmap. Even clicking “Z matrix” would not make it back to “3d surface”. It seems a bit strange to me.

It looks like you can’t make a surface plot with triplets, but you can make a heatmap, then convert it to a 3d surface plot by clicking “Traces” in the plot toolbar.