3D Surface Graph triangle values, missing few values

Hello guys,
I’m trying to use 3D Surface graph in my Angular2 application, and i’m having trouble with displaying all values in graph.
My input data are not ‘square’ shaped, they are ‘triangle’ shaped, for example:
[ [2.25,2.55,2.77,2.85],
[5] ]
Codepen example of triangle data - missing values
In graph I’m missing two values, 2.85 and 5 (last in first array, and last in last array). I guess thats how 3D Surface graph works and I supose I need to make data ‘squared’, to add zeros, or something?
So what is alternative solution for my case, can I somehow show all values, and exclude zeros(empty elements) from graph, and exclude zero from scaling, or can I disable tooltip on graph for 0 elements, and show for others, and also remove zero from scaling?
Any ideas, how to solve this, are welcome, thank you.

Additional pictures of my real example

represents in graph

U see that 9. dev period is empty, and 201512 origin period is empty.

Guys, any ideas how to solve this issue ? Thank you.