3D Surface contours properties

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to plot a 3D surface with contours like the example shown in the website (https://plotly.com/python/3d-surface-plots/#configure-surface-contour-levels)

trying to configure the levels of the contours I got a Value Error stating that:
ValueError: Invalid properties specified for object of type plotly.graph_objs.surface.contours.X: ('start', 'end', 'size')
Plotly version: ‘3.6.1’

How can I set the contour levels on the surface otherwise?
My code is:

import plotly.graph_objs as go
#Read data
Z = es_PLP
Y = table_PLP['ys']
X = table_PLP['xs']

fig = go.Surface(contours = dict(x = dict(show= True, start= 0, end= 7, size= 0.5)),z=Z, x=X, y=Y, colorscale='Jet')
data = [fig]
plotly.offline.plot({"data": data}, auto_open = True)


Miquel from the future here:

Yes, updating to a new version worked, I had to arrange other libraries from the environment, but now works fine.