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3d plots: Fixing axes/edges and adding a new axis

Hey all,

I am coming from R (rgl package) and I’m trying plotly to generate some 3d line plots (I just added the example above!). I am trying to figure out two things.

First, I would like to be able to fix some axes, i.e. the ones I choose should not disappear when turning the plot (correspondingly others should not appear). In rgl it is possible to access each of the 12 edges that surround the plot and assign behavior/names.

Second, I would need to add another axis to the plot, basically I would have two different z-axis. I don’t need interactivity on the additional axis but I need it in the plot (that’s also the reason why I need to fix the others). Any ideas?!



PS: I’m working with the R plotly library but I might be able to adapt examples from other languages.

There’s no way to control axis visibility on interections at the moment.

Multiple axes aren’t available on 3D charts yet unfortunately.

Dear Etienne,

Thanks a lot for the quick answer. Despite the complexity of my graph I decided to stick with plotly. Assuming that it’s the right bet on the future and will become more flexible with time :-). I let users swap the axis in shiny now.