3d line anf mesh3d combined - help needed

Dear friends,

I have a 3d curve, where all points lie in one plane (s. example below).
I would like to fill out the plane space under the curve as far as the x-y plane. Tryed mesh3d for this purpose, but cannot figure it out.
When I place the mesh3d in the x-y plane (horizontaly), it works fine. When I try to put it verticaly (as required in the example), it seems not to work.

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The easiest way to do this would be using scatter3d’s surfaceaxis and surfacecolor attributes:

Hi Etienne,

thank you for your fast response!

I saw this once and thought, it would only work with pyhon.
For convex curves it looks pretty cool, but i have a lot of concave ones too. In those cases the graphic looks kind of “dirty” and if you have more curves, it gets really messy.
Could one achieve a better quality by using mesh3d or is there some other option?


Solved! :slight_smile:
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