3D Camera Controls, home button

Hi all!

Is there any way to change the default camera view for 3D charts?

Pretty much this:

I know how to control the initial view of the 3D chart, but the home button still resets the view to the default values, you can observe this for all examples here:

hi Torsten,
So if I understood correctly, you would like to control the default values of the camera, so when you click the home button it will reset to a different value that you set?

Exactly @adamschroeder

hi Torsten,
One of our Plotly engineers, @archmoj , told me that it would most likely work if you use the other button: Reset camera to last save

Here is the codepen that he built to show it: https://codepen.io/MojtabaSamimi/pen/OJwpVxe?editors=0010

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Excuse me @adamschroeder, but @archmoj is not your engineer. He is a Plotly engineer. I’ve been around for 9 years, but I haven’t heard anyone from the Potly team saying, my engineer. Even Plotly CEO did not refer to an engineer, as “my engineer”.

hi @empet
I should have written “my colleague engineer” or “our Plotly engineer”. I did not mean to imply that he was my employee or that I am his people’s manager, but I can see how that could have been interpreted that way. Thanks for the feedback.

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