2 graphs, 2 layouts, 1 figure

I have a graph which is map of my plot. I want to have different graph below it with different layout. How do I do this? My data and layout for the map is as below.

df = pd.read_csv(‘csv_files\combine.csv’)

time = df[‘rasp_time’]
latitude = df[‘latitude’]
longitude = df[‘longitude’]

data = [go.Scattermapbox(lat=latitude, lon=longitude, mode=‘markers’, marker=dict(size=8), text=time)]
layout = go.Layout(autosize=True, hovermode=‘closest’, mapbox=dict(bearing=0,
center=dict(lat=48.5069, lon=9.2038),
pitch=0, zoom=12.5))

fig = dict(data=data, layout=layout)
py.plot(fig, filename=‘Ebike_ride’)

I want to plot data_analysis = [go.Scatter(x=time, y=time)] below the map in the same figure.

@ankush.nagaraju Take a look at this QA to learn how you can define one figure consisting in two plots with different layouts: https://community.plotly.com/t/plotly-subplots-using-fig-objects-instead-of-traces/11969/6