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Wrong scaling on parallel graphs

Please visit the graph and click on Python & R tab. The last label, accuracy is 0.004975124262273312 and 0. However, the displays say it was 4.9m and 0m

Not sure if the issue is on my data or not?

Hi @ailab,

The ‘m’ suffix in this case refers to the Scientific Notation ‘milli’ scale factor, which is 1/1000. So 4.9m represents 4.9/1000 is base units. You can control this formatting using the tickformat property of a dimension. Here’s the docstring for tickformat.

Sets the tick label formatting rule using d3 formatting mini-
language which is similar to those of Python.

When dealing with numbers this small, it looks like Plotly.js automatically chose the s formatting,

s: decimal notation with an SI prefix, rounded to significant digits.

Hope that helps clear things up a bit!


Hi Jon, thank you for the answer and have a nice weekend.