Why not R Studio?

Why does Plotly and/or Python not have a competitor to RStudio?
Hint: Jupyter is not an answer, and if dont know RStudio, it is not event close.

You’re asking if there’s any comparable solution for python like RStudio? Personally I like to use Atom, and a lot of people like Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text. All of these are simpler text editors that work best with plugins to improve Python development. For a more complete solution Pycharm Community Edition is quite similar to MATLAB from what I’ve heard. I don’t have experience with it myself.

In any case, there are tons of IDEs and text editors you can use to develop Python code. Maybe none of them match what you like with Rstudio, but I’m sure you will find something that suits your needs. In any case it would benefit you to be flexible. Here’s an article from Datacamp on data-science-python-ide solutions, where they mention Spyder as a good IDE to use if you’re coming from MATLAB or Rstudio. Here’s another guide from Realpython. Google around, try out a couple of solutions, and you’ll find something =) If you want Rstudio for python then maybe request the developers of Rstudio expand it to work with python code. They already support running python-code as part of an R process.