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Wheelzoom, button shortcuts and

Hey, I’m using the python plotly create some grid of plots,
2. than using the chart editor to draw some lines on those plots, save.
3. than load back to python and analyze those lines wth respect to the plot data.

Is it possible to

  1. Wheel zoom in chart editor?
  2. Create a button for creating “custom line” instead of clicking via the menus
  3. Be able to click on some plot, and have the next created lines defaults to be connected to the axis of those plots

Thanks a lot,

any one? something? maybe just for 1 problem?
not possible at all to do those?

Can you tell me a bit more about why you want each of these?

As I wrote - I’m currently using the chart editor for drawing my lines and saving them.

But it require some busy work because I need to

  1. Add shape 2. Choose line shape 3. Decide the axes Vs grid option 4. Mark the current axes I want this line to be connected to.

I want to skip all those actions. I want a button that creates a line shape, and also already knows the current axes I’m “on”.

The zoom is for comfort of user.

OK, thanks for the followup. I’ll take this feedback into consideration as we continue working on our roadmap :slight_smile: