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What is Plotly.Fx?

This example uses a method called Plotly.Fx. I can’t seem to find any documentation on it. I did a google search for “Plotly.Fx” in quotes, and came up with almost nothing.

Can someone point me to the documentation?

Plotly.Fx is a loosely defined set of methods that user might find useful in creating custom interactivity.

Plotly.Fx (as well as Plotly.Plots that you also might see in our docs) are going to be deprecated in the next major plotly.js release and hence we’re not going to spend the time to properly document their behavior.

We hope that attach the useful parts of Plotly.Fx and Plotly.Plots to a plot object. Here’s a sketch:

var plot = Plotly.createPlot('graph', data, layout);

plot.hover(function('click') { /* for custom hover behavior */ });

I’d suggest subscribing to for more information about future API changes.

To answer your question, to now more about Plotly.Fx, I can unfortunately only point you to our source code.